Firm Profile

A-Davis Firm, P.C. handles non-litigation and litigation construction matters. We represent construction companies, contractors and subcontractors. We have 17 years of construction industry experience and are dedicated to helping our clients achieve the best results. We handle a wide range of construction matters: contract drafting and review, mechanic’s liens, construction litigation and arbitration.

Mechanic’s Lien
Nonpayment is probably the biggest problem facing contractors today. At A-Davis Firm, P.C. we help you get paid for the work you perform. We will draft, serve, file and enforce mechanic’s liens, and ensure statutory requirements are met, so you can collect what you are entitled to.

Delay and Labor Impact Claims
Delays can cost the contractor increased interest expenses, the owners standing with lenders, increased general overhead expenses, and affect your profit margin for the project. A-Davis Firm, P.C.. has over 17 years of experience on construction projects, and we understand what a delay or labor impact can do to a company or owner.

At A-Davis Firm, P.C. we try to avoid litigation, but if necessary we represent our client to the fullest extent the law allows. The firm’s experience in the construction industry gives us insight that other attorneys just do not have.

Many construction contracts have clauses that require mediation or arbitration. At A-Davis Firm, P.C., we have taken mediation and arbitration courses, so that we might more effectively represent our clients.

A-Davis Firm, P.C. provides legal advice, counsel, and representation in business law matters to corporations big and small. We strive to help make your business run smoother, and allow you to increase your bottom line. Our firm works specifically with small companies to handle the matters that a large company would refer to their in-house counsel.

A-Davis Firm, P.C. provides appellate services for both State Appellate Courts (Texas) and Federal Appellate Court (5th Circuit). The firm has argued both on the state level and on the Federal level (5th Circuit Court of Appeals -New Orleans).

Professional Experience

Alex L. Davis III’s practice includes construction law, construction litigation, construction mediation, appellate practice and corporate law. Alex has experience with various aspects of the construction industries both in the United States and abroad.

Prior to joining A-Davis Firm, P.C., Alex attained over 17 years of construction experience with positions from superintendent to project manager, both within the United States and Europe.

He is a member of the Texas Construction Law Section, the ABA Construction Law Section, and the Real Estate Property Section for the District of Columbia.

Texas and District of Columbia, Northern District of Texas - Federal, 5th Circuit Court of Appeals

Thurgood Marshall School of Law (J.D. 2005); Purdue University (B.S. Construction Management 1998)